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We have been providing Western Australian primary school children with a head start in debating and public speaking skills for about 18 years!  I’m the current owner, Lesli Grant.  I took over from Chris Hodson about 6 years ago.

We are dedicated to enjoying the art of discussing topics, questioning ideas and arguing with complete strangers…. with the best manners and enthusiasm.

Everyone can learn about debating by giving it a try.  This also applies to teachers.  You can work with your students to help them engage in debate and learn about the process as you go.  Your normal work on developing their writing and research skills applies perfectly to creating a debate……with more spice and an exciting end challenge.

Let our easy to follow Debater’s Handbook Level 1-$15 be your guide. Show student’s the DVD of primary school students demonstrating debates.  $20

Print off an order form in the Resources area at the right.


Inter-school debating competitions in Term 2, 3 $15 and Grand Final in Term 4. $19.50

Enter teams of 3 and receive adjudicated verbal and written feedback, Certificate awards.  The Grand Final includes Medallions as well as Certificates for each participant.

At GOZONE Debating  you win an award for your debating level:

Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum

While you’re learning the basics this is more encouraging.  How high can you go with debating? Many of our students earn a Platinum award by the time they complete their second year of debating.

In-class, before and after school programs.

We can assist with an in-class starter course of 6 sessions which includes a Debaters Handbook for each student and an adjudicated In-house Debate night.  $40.  Minimum 18 students.  Several class groups on one day attract a further discount.  This program requires school staff in-class support in addition to the workshop sessions.

Full year 8 week Extra-curricular program- before or after school debating programs with  Handbooks, In-house or Inter-school debate, all materials and full coaching from $90-$110 per term per student depending on class numbers.  Full class programs attract a discount.

Public Speaking

Year 5 students benefit greatly from focusing first on public speaking skills before they embark on debating.  This allows them to develop  their “manner” before they have to work on teamwork and rebuttal!

Entering “Speaker’s Challenge”?  Let me give you an exciting starter session.  Fee negotiable depending on numbers.

Adjudicators and Facilitators

GOZONE Debating can provide primary level adjudicators

Peer Support and Teamwork facilitators

GOZONE Debating has been offering a Peer Support Leadership Program for many years to prepare Year 10 students to mentor Year 7 or 8 students.  We have a team of facilitators to offer training day workshops alongside your staff.  We can assist with  Peer Support Leader  selection at the end of the training day.

Email : lesli@debating.net.au

Phone : (08) 9329 9749NEW Mobile: 0403 266 374

8 Responses to “About GOZONE Debating – What we offer”

  • Tony whale:

    How does this work? I want my 13 year old to learn to debate?
    please reply

  • Lesli Grant:

    Hi Tony
    I think I already responded but just to be sure. I teach Debating in schools in Western Australia. St Mary’s, Loreto Nedlands, St Hilda’s. Presbyterian Ladies College PLC, Kingsway College and St Stephens at the moment.

    If you are in another state, you could buy a handbook and a DVD and get quite a good idea from that. Better still encourage your son’s school to start something.

    all the best
    Lesli Grant
    Coach and Owner

  • Charles:

    Dear Lesli,
    What a facinating website. I am really enjoying it. If we could have everyone debating, and so learning, instead of argueing, all minds would expand and continue to do so throughout life.
    We should start with legislation stopping the word “No”.
    Your Friend,

  • Hannah:

    Hello Lesli
    you teach me in one of your schools and i am really enjoying it
    but i have written up my debate and was wondering how long it needs to go for
    Thank you

  • Lesli:

    Debates are 3-3.5 minutes in the GOZONE Debating network.

    If you explain each part well, your debate will naturally be this long.
    The area where most debaters could say more is in explaining their points and providing good evidence or facts.

    If your debate is too short, consider writing just a little more for each point. Have you stated your points and said what your team will be doing in the introduction?

    If your debate is too long, go back and shorten the sentences to make them more direct. Eg. The reason that dogs are better than cats is that when you have a dog you have a constant companion. Shorten to: Dogs are better because they are constant companions. They always greet you. Cats may or may not be there for you.


  • Kate Howell:

    Hi Lesli,

    I’ve been running a debating club for year 4-6 students for 2 years now. I have a fairly small, but enthusiastic group and am looking for a primary school inter-school competition to enter them in. Is the inter-school competition above open to all schools, or just those learning through GOZONE?

    Many thanks,

  • Linda:

    Hi, we are in vic. I want to find a class for my11 year old daughter. Essendon area will be the first preference.

  • Lesli:

    Hi Linda
    I’m so sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I’m located in Western Australia. The best I can suggest is to give the website to her teacher and see if they are interested to try it themselves. I’m writing a teachers Handbook.

    You could also buy her a debaters handbook so she could know about the fundamentals.


    Lesli Grant

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