Rise and Shine Awards

Inter-school debate night

GOZONE Debating has moved to a system of award levels called the Rise and Shine Awards.  Each team debating in our In-house and Inter-school competitions is awarded a Certificate of Achievement at Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Award level.

Certificate of Achievement BronzeA great achievement

In recognition of courage, good effort to develop arguments and willingness to work in a team.

Certificate of Achievement SilverA big step up in debating

In recognition of well chosen arguments with good support, confident presentation and some use of rebuttal and team theme.  

Certificate of Achievement Gold: Excellent debate and teamwork

In recognition of well crafted arguments, strong teamwork, polished presentation and good rebuttal. 

Certificate of Achievement PlatinumInspiring all round performance

In recognition of outstanding arguments, convincing presentation and excellence in teamwork and rebuttal.

This replaces the “winner” and “runner up” model.  We have found that while young students are learning debating  at primary school level, an award which specifies what has been achieved is more encouraging and provides a pathway for further development.

When learning a complex task, its helpful to celebrate the achievements at each stage.

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