How do you picture success?  If you could capture it in a moment, it might look like this. Three young people totally engaged, working as a team to present their debate. Relaxed, prepared and focused.

What is more difficult to see is that debating is not the focus but the process we are using to develop the skills.  At a junior school  level, winning this debate is unlikely to make much difference to these student’s lives.  That is why in GOZONE Debating we’re providing an opportunity to practice the key skills that will really matter for their future and focussing less on “winning”.

These students have learned not to compete with each other, but bring out the best in their team by being encouraging, sharing information and planning together.  They know how to prepare themselves so they can be relaxed and connect with their audience.  Using their own words and thinking, they can respond to challenges and return rebuttal.

Five ways we do this:

  • Use an award level system which rewards their level of skill.
  • Ensure they are learning to research and understand their topic and not rely on strategy alone to succeed.
  • Provide a relaxed team-learning situation.
  • Support the thinking of each student.
  • Focus on what is achieved as well as points for improvement.

We’ve been successfully providing the skills for future success for over 20 years. Now we’re opening our enrolments to the wider community.

The Mt Claremont Community Debating Class on Wednesday 4.00pm-5.00pm is open to all junior school students Year 4-6.  We begin again in Term 1 2020 on February 12.

We will create a middle school class if there is enough interest from Year 7-9 students.

Please email to express your interest to  Please include your full name, student name, and year level.  Enrolment forms are posted in the enrolment drop down menu on your right.

Enrolment forms are necessary from the first day of attendance.  Contact details are needed for safety.

Lesli Grant, Owner/Coach and Saani Bennetts, Coach, Writer/designer

0403 266 374



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