Hello everyone in the Perth, Western Australia area.

How will I rebutt that?

We have 4 sites starting Debating classes in Term 1.


PLC Junior School, St Hilda’s Junior School, St Mary’s Junior School and Mt Claremont Community Centre.

My contact details are lesli@debating.net.au or 0403 266 374.

Please feel free to indicate your interest via email or a text message. If we don’t have a class near you- let us know so we can consider that for a later term.  Better still, gather at least 6 students and we will start a class where you are.!

To formally enrol- fill in a form available from the list at the right or from your school reception.  Bring the hard copy of the form to the first session.   There are plenty of places, and you can join in the first 3 weeks of the term.

NEW Mt Claremont Community Centre- Hakea Room continues on Wednesdays 4:00-5:00pm from Feb 12, 2020.  First session FREE trial.  Please indicate your interest via text message or email above.  Enrolment forms in tab at the right.  You can fill in a form on the first day at the centre.  Enrolments accepted until Feb 26.

PLC Junior School begins on Thursday Feb 13- 3:30 in the Junior School Library.  Download a form from the enrolment forms tab on your right or collect a form from the JS Reception.

St Hilda’s Junior School begins Tuesday Feb 11 at 3:30 in the Junior School Library.  Download a form on your right. The forms are also available at JS reception.

St Mary’s Junior School students must enrol via the Junior school reception- information hub.  Contact reception or go online to parent information for details. Charges are made directly to your school accounts.


The skills you develop in a Junior School Debating class are life skills that will assist you throughout Senior School and into future workplaces.  We keep it fun and at the right level so you learn by having the experience and build on what you already know.

We look forward to meeting you in 2020.

Lesli Grant on behalf of the GOZONE Debating coaching team

2 Responses to “How to join us for Debating in 2020”

  • y:

    i would like to enrol for debating classes
    could you please give me more about them

  • Lesli:

    Dear Yogita
    We have a relaxed, friendly class where we learn the basics of debating which at the early stages involves learning to work in a team, understanding a topic, research, writing to persuade and public speaking.

    Mt Claremont – Wed 4-5 pm. In the Hakea room. There is a small library next door. We start tomorrow. I’m checking my forms to be sure they download properly.

    We will have an In-house debate amongst those who attend. This will be towards the end of the term. TBC.

    We welcome your son. He can try the first session for free. Bring a friend for support if he wants.

    Kind regards

    Ms Lesli Grant

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