There is life after a computer meltdown. You can compose quite a lot from a small phone if that is all you have! Yes there was yelling at technology but I would caution against that as I wonder if the “electrics” generated by an emotional human can contribute to the problem.


Apologies if communication gaps made you wonder if I’d moved away.  I was just challenged by technology and having to come up with inventive ways to cobble together what is left of my files and records and find ways to convey them on the devices that still worked. It inspired a topic for debate.


GOZONE Debating is planning the Term 3 Lighthearted Debates. You can wear a hat.

I know how many students,…. well, people like dressing up. Book week brought them out in force this term. It’s fun, it opens our imaginations and poses interesting questions….how do I sit down in this ???? We are limiting this to hats this term. You may find more humour and playfulness in the arguments as well.

Some of our topics this term are more symbolic.  This is a different challenge for a debater. You have to develop your meaning of the topic more fully and find examples to support your interpretation.

Term 3 2017 topics:

Happiness is a cardboard box

That going slow is better than going fast

That every classroom should have a pet

That technology is stealing our lives

Interschool Debate Night Term 3 – Monday 18 September hosted by St Mary’s Junior School

Karrinyup at 5:30pm.  Including St Mary’s, PLC, St Hilda’s Junior School, Loreto-Nedlands Primary, Yokine Primary. See Details of your debate in the right hand list after Sept 1. Follow the prompts.

Please contact Lesli Grant if you have overlaps.  Debates start about 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30 but students are expected to attend the whole night if possible.  0403 266 374.

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