As the owner of a small business I have allowed myself  to become an over-committed “one person show” even though I consulted my colleagues and relied on them a good deal.  In the last couple of years, illness in my family has meant I needed to reach out more and my colleagues have initiated many ways to assist me with GOZONE Debating.

Thanks to Saani Bennetts and Becca Martin, two colleagues in this business – the outlines and scraps of gathered wisdom about using debating in JUNIOR SCHOOL is beginning to materialise into a Handbook for Teachers and our Debaters Handbook is being re-written.  Helene Fisher, Edward Taylor and David Tehr have also contributed their thinking to re-visioning and developing what we do.

We can all see what a powerful tool the process of learning debating can be in providing renewed enthusiasm and lifelong skills to young students. There is an element of play in this process if you allow for relaxed team time, with sidetracks and banter and youthful internet exploring.  IF we allow it to be their challenge, it is both daunting and exciting to place yourself before an audience with palm cards full of your ideas, even if you are working with a team.

Rest and play time with family in the holidays has helped refresh my perspective.  As I return to work, I can see how much the support of my colleagues has contributed to my business and to my being able to have this renewal. It’s a humbling experience but I feel happy and thankful. I want to plant the seeds of great teamwork in my students and encourage everyone to create this in their life.

I attach this link on the value of play because its decline is affecting us all. GOZONE Debating continues to appreciate the importance of play in what we do and we are reminded that these principles apply to adults as well.   Lesli Grant

TheAtlantic- Why Play is important

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