Term 1 is our In-house debate term.  Students need the opportunity to experiment.  Some will write their first debate.  We do our best to make it a relaxed and supported event.  No matter how we try it is often a bit of a scramble.  This year it brought out lots of good qualities in the students.

Initiative and generosity

What can you do when 1 team member from a 2 person experienced team is selected to represent their school in sport?  We celebrated her success of course ………and then how will this work for the remaining team member?  We didn’t have any “extra” people.

I invited her sister to return as a former team member but that was not possible.  I encouraged the debater to write one debate role at least and I’d get someone to sit with her.

Well, initiative and teamwork kicked in. Other students heard of her plight, she asked around and a new person keen to learn debating stepped forward and volunteered to help.  How generous is that!!

They worked on it together at school and then they delivered it that afternoon.  Our team member really stepped up- she took on Speaker 1 and 3, helped her new teammate and achieved a Stand-Out Debater award for her deeply felt debate.

A big show of courage

Public Speaking is more feared than death. Research in 1993 put it down as the most feared activity.  Several brand new Year 5 debaters delivered their first debates.

It was scary.  Was it good enough?  Can I make it to the end?

Yes, YES, and yes they did.

They were so courageous and inspiring, the audience was impressed with their first steps to speak up and state their case that          “Sport is the best subject at school”.

Of course sport isn’t the best, we have the best activity- DEBATING!

although my team would argue that Technically its not a subject at school…



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