Term 3 is the Breakthrough for learning debating.

  • The first In-house you are figuring out how it all works
  • In your first Inter-school debate you face the terror of the unknown opponent…..sometimes a student just like yourself…at other times the master debater!!!  You go into shock, and enjoy the challenge….you learn so much….
  • In Term 3 you know what to expect and your preparation is better.  You know you need more facts, you practice until you can speak up loud without reading.  YOU WORK AS A TEAM- you’ve seen how much better it is to share and support each other.

Here are the new topics for Term 3, 2011.  Its so exciting to have so many wonderful resources on the internet to help with our research.

ABC Australia- Behind the News website:  SPECTACULAR interactive things are starting to appear.

A history of Africa map which updates before your eyes!

A water conservation game where you can learn about how water and land and people’s activities interact.  AMAZING

Japanese story templates for creating your own.


GOZONE Debating Term 3 Debating Topics (2011)

Websites to get you started

1.  That manners are the secret advantagewww.abc.net.au/btn Episode 16 20011- Good Manners

2.  The houses should be eco-friendly

http://www.energysavers.gov/your_home/energy_audits/index.cfm/mytopic=11170-ideas to reduce energy use by stopping energy loss.

http://www.solarengineeringservices.com/greenEnergy/energyAudit.phpPerth company outlines areas to check energy usehttp://www.cheaphomedesigns.com/ 

3.  A bottle of water a day, keeps the doctor away



Top 10 reasons for drinking water instead of soda

4.  That the internet is too powerful


Behind the News Episode 13 Digital Footprint 24 May 2011

Episode 12 Suppression orders 17 May 2011

Episode 32 Podcasting  18 November 2010


Work hard, have fun, take the BIG STEP UP

Lesli Grant



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