GOZONE Debating announces a new birth with our Rise and Shine Debating system and our new student handbook for beginners, “Easy Steps to Debating: A beginner’s guide to creating a simple debate.”

The excitement continues in 2020 too, with the launch of our teacher manual, intermediate and advanced student handbooks and new website with lots of great debating!

The Experiential Challenge of Debating

We’ve known for a long time that hands-on, real-life challenges like debating create the kind of excitement and engagement that helps even the most reluctant writers want to jump over their fears and blocks to have their say.

We’ve recently created new handbooks that make learning and teaching debating easier, and include more tools for helping students to learn important core skills such as research. Drawing on many years of experience, we’ve created a step-by-step approach that allows students to progress with much more ease and understanding.

Working with Uneven Skill Development

In response to requests from parents and several of our extra-curricular program schools, we have started providing an avenue for Year 4 students with gifts in communication to use the challenge of debating. Not all students are ready or interested at this stage, but what a relief it is for those who are looking for an outlet where their talents can shine.

Our most successful collaborations have been in-class programs working alongside year 5 and/or 6 class teachers and extra-curricular programs offered before or after school. Debating has often been used for gifted and talented students, but we’ve found that in a team situation and with the templates and support provided through the Rise & Shine Debating Program and materials, everyone can enjoy debating!

Debating Works with Older Students Too

We recently designed a program for a private school to assist year 7’s to transition to Senior School. This included debating as a project to develop organization, essay style structure and research skills. The program helped build social networks as new students joined continuing students. The Year 7 Debate Night became a highlight of their year.

Take the Sting out of Competition and Keep the Sparkle

Our Rise & Shine system offers Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards which give credit for what has been achieved according to progressive criteria. At Junior School level, the emphasis is on learning rather than winning. In this way, everyone builds more confidence and has the skills they have accomplished recognised.

A few of the schools we are currently working with include St Thomas Primary School, St Mary’s Anglican Girls School, St Hilda’s Junior School, and Presbyterian Ladies College Junior School.

After working in partnership with schools such as Loreto-Nedlands Primary School and North Perth Primary for many years, these schools have now been empowered to operate their own debating program. The parents and students look forward to debating and participating in their own In-House Debate Events with Rise & Shine Adjudicators, or in our Interschool Debate Events during terms 2, 3 and 4.

Debating helps students build the skills that create a good foundation for life! If your school is open to adding a challenge to your learning program, please give us a chance to speak to you and see if we could tailor something that meets your needs.

Lesli Grant

Owner & Coach, GOZONE Debating
e: Ph: 0403 266 374 or 9331 8951

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